Hi Everyone, Della Here

Thank you for checking out my website. I have to assume that since you are at a quilting site, you must love quilting, or at least quilts, as much as I do.

I made my first queen size quilt top 25 years ago after taking a few classes. That top sat for 10 years because it just seemed too big for me to quilt on my sewing machine. The helpful girls at my fabric store (Cloth Castle, Langford BC) suggested that I get it quilted by a local lady with a longarm machine! Problem solved … Now I had a quilt I could actually use!

Quilts For You

Many quilts later, I still love the whole process. Choosing the right fabrics from all the beautiful colors and patterns available and then piecing them together in traditional or modern patterns. I have my own frame now, still no longarm, but I am able to quilt edge to edge designs. The last step is to hand stitch my binding. Every step feels rewarding. I’ve sometimes questioned my choices as I worked on my quilt, but in the end I’ve never finished a quilt I didn’t love.

Most of my quilts have gone to family and friends, but now I would like to sell some. We always need money for more fabric, right? My quilts are made with 100% cotton and 100% love and I truly believe they will be around for the next generations to use.

If you see something you like, please contact me… If you would like something made just for you, contact me… If you have already done the piece work, but need it quilted, contact me…